Manitou Spring's Community Swap

Manitou Spring's Community Swap is a free community event, so that means there is no budget to cover small costs! Maintaining the website, blog, sending and answering emails, and keeping Facebook and Twitter updated are all done during volunteered, spare time.

Things that are always needed at our events are:  pens/markers, recycled printer paper, non-alcoholic beverages to share, sampling utensils (toothpicks, small forks & spoons), and drinking cups.  We ask that you try to bring those items on your own, in order to be as sustainable as possible and, if you have extra, sharing is encouraged as well.  Sometimes we may be holding our events at a place without tables, if you know anyone in community who could donate tables that would be wonderful!

There will be a non-monetary donation sign up sheet, so we encourage you to sign up to bring specific needed items to Manitou Spring's Community Swaps.  We are not asking for monetary donations, but to keep our events running smoothly, we do encourage you to donate these needed goods.  This is very much appreciated.

Also, please try to print some "swap tags."  That is where you will write your name, your items (description/ingredients/etc), and where offers will be written.  This file is courtesy of the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking and the original post is here.  Feel free to download and print the Word file for the upcoming Manitou Spring's Community Swap!

Since we are passionate about building and supporting community, we also encourage you to bring some canned goods or non-perishable food items to donate to our local food bank.  Only non-homemade items can be accepted, so keep that in mind.  Please refer to the Care & Share website to see a list of most needed items here.