Manitou Spring's Community Swap

Manitou Spring's Community Swap's goal is to build community and friendships. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind! 

•  No cash.  Remember this is a free community event!
• If you don’t want to “swap or barter,” gifting is also encouraged.
• If you bring a food item with multiple ingredients, please label the item with all ingredients. 
• Label your items with your name and/or Twitter handle.
• Try to bring a cooler (ice chest).  There are usually a few things that are brought that need to be kept cold.
• Canned items should have the date the items were canned.
• If you decide to bring meat items, it's *very* important that you label them with date prepared, etc.  We suggest you don't bring canned meat items unless you are experienced with that. 
• Be careful trading for future items or work! You may have an easier time swapping if you have something tangible to offer.
• If possible, bring samples for people to try.
• Fresh and homemade items will be easier to trade. Please avoid bringing store-bought items, unless you need something for samples (ie. crackers for homemade hummus).
• Package your items in a useable size!
• Trade responsibly.